4 hrs works on recycle materials

我的新計劃《 Little Men*》。
將會和我十分敬佩的Mischelle Brand同步以recycled materials上創作!


HeLiuS said...


Stella So said...


Brenda said...

hey hey, where can i have a look at her art work? when i see her work, it makes me think alot some how, so i wish i can see more of her masterpiece!

I went to manchester to see your exhibition about HK, it is so great, i was sitting watching the tv about the cartoon u produce on the hk train for so so long...hehehe, so interesting!

I love art, keep up and support U!!!

Stella So said...

brenda, thanks a lot!
these 2 boards are only my start of this recycle project, and this is the scheme of art exchange between manchester and hongkong,
and i help my manchester friend to draw. hope you can see my new series of works very soon.....thanks for your support anyways!