Michelle Brand

Michelle Brand comes from Manchester, she called herself "eco design maker", but not artist. she is still exploring her identity, because she wants to do a lot of things.

She tried a lot of recyeled materials and working systems to create sustainable design in manchester and hong kong, she wants to help the community and also the ecology.

Her famous works are hanging lights and furnitures created by bottom parts of plastic bottles, which is most wasteful and non-valuable in the rubbish bins, but she is the one who can find its hidden incredible value.

Now she is a part-time teacher in kowloon technical school in the exchange programme . she found a lot of unused but well conditioned furnitures were abandoned at the corner of the school. she discovered that the metal parts were sold to recycled factory, only wooden boards were left, she tried to ask students and friends to add value on those abandoned materials.

she is so great!
exploring own identity but not receiving position passively,
using design to recycle but not increasing consuming.
i learnt a lot today.


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阿賢 (Yin) said...

Very interesting.Thanks for sharing. :)